Gonja – English


depɔ /adepɔ n mud
deŋi so v to put down on, to put on
deŋi v place, pick up (from a position above the ground
deŋ v to make a person addicted to
deŋ v 1to stand, to be already in a hanging position, to be lying down 2to know thoroughly, to understand
dente v to lick
demujipo /be n magistrate
demujikpa /demjikpaana n council, court
Demujiachɛ n Day of Judgement
demuji lubi n injustice
demuji n judgement
demu /ademu n deed, law case, talk, speech
delgeso adj naked
delge so v to undress
dela v praise a person by using his title
dela n florin (2/- piece)
dela v to dress
deka n box
degeŋgeŋ adv careless (intentional act)
dede directly opposite
debor n sa v to accuse falsely, to slander
debor v to betray
debilebi n sweet potato (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food.)
de so v to be attentive, to pay attention, to watch out
de 1adv just, only, simply fo ere yirda de you just believe 2at all? dubitative as a question word (sentence final)