Gonja – English


de v to refer to, to mean e de ma he refers to me
dawutagboŋ /adawutagboŋ n clashing cymbals
dawuta /adawuta n drum, musical instrument, cymbal
dawuro n drum, musical instrument, gong-gong
dawura n drum, musical instrument, gong-gong
dawule adj alone, only, even
dasea unknown latrine
darewa n hook for fishing
darabo n downfall, hardship
dara v to watch, to look out
dapo n mud
daŋkarejibi n customary foot or meal
daŋkarechɛ n festival, feast day
daŋkare be keji n celebration of a festival
daŋkare /adaŋkare n tradtion, rite, ritual, custom
daŋgasheŋ n wonderful things
daŋga n something wonderful, new to be seen daŋga nde this is wonderful
daŋɛ v 1to cook, to boil, to stew 2to add, to be added
daŋ to v to be fat
daŋ so v to increase, to add
daŋ ŋ keni v to taste and see
daŋ v to preceed, to be older, to be senior e daŋ ma he is/was before me, he is older than me
daŋ Verbal infix verbal infix, remote past tense n daŋ ba fo laŋ to, ama m maŋ wu fo I came (some time ago) to your house but did not see you.
daŋ Verbal infix 1verbal infix meaning: to happen before, precede, 2verbal infix meaning "ever", "yet and with the negative "never" and "not yet"
daŋ v to grow (in structure or years, height and size), to rise (the sun), to taste epengi daŋ the sun has risen high