Gonja – English


foe v to be lost, to perish, to err, to go astray, to miss, to be wrong
fo so v to surpass, to equalize
fo saŋɛ ko v for some time
fo peya pro thine, yours (without object)
fo kraa ji greeting somebody at meals ( lit. you are still eating)
fo v to reach, to arrive, to suffice, to be fit for
fo pro your, 2nd pers. sg. poss
fo 1pro you, 2nd pers. sg, thou 2you, 2nd pers. sg, thee
fitila /afitila n lamp
fiti v to stumble
firgi n yɔ v to shift, to push away
firgi n taga to v to come near, to draw near
firgi a yuu v to jump
firgi v to slip, to fly away
firge v to slip, to fly away
fir n cha v to join, to cling to, to wrap around
fir adj barren
fiŋi v to open, to be open
fini conjunction that, like, as, as if (West Gonja)
fin mbo v to seek appraisal
fin kulubi v to find fault, to accuse, to provoke
fin v 1to find, to look for, to seek, to search, to fetch, wish 2to pinch
filti v to roll (a rope)
fili v to swing
fiimbi adj very smal, tiny