Gonja – English


gbre Verbal infix repeat, again (cannot function in isolation) e gbre ŋ kaŋɛ he said again
gbɔga n saddle-like carrier made of branches
gboŋi to v to spread mounds
gboŋi adj large
gboŋgboŋi adj largest, large
gboŋgboŋ adj big
gboŋe adj large
gboŋ adj big, large, great, mighty, loud
gbolu n cow (male), bull (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
gboloŋgboloŋ adj smooth
gbogbo v to shiver from cold
gbiti v to anoint, to rub, to smear on
gbiri v to beat (intransitive), to sound, (thunder, an engine)
gbir to v to hammer, to nail (East Gonja)
gbir m mata kedibi largato so v to crucify (on a cross)
gbir m mata v to crucify b gbir mo m mata kedibi largato so- they nailed him to the cross
gbir kenishit to v to have a long face, to be in a bad mood (visible in the facial expression)
gbir kasawule v to kneel down
gbir v to throw oneself, to kneel, to beat gbir kumuli to kneel down gbir kasawule throw oneself on the ground
gbiŋgbila n owl (any kind) (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
gbinshiŋ v to limp
Gbinipewura royal title for Yagbon wura (paramount chief of Gonja); highest title of honour
gbilti v to roll
gbiliŋgbinti /a n black beetle, scarab (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
gbil v 1to roll; to knot gbil gboto na roll up the end (of roof mat) 2to be blunt, to make blunt