Gonja – English


gbigiso adj common esa gbigiso a common person
gbigbi v to be common
gbɛyase /agbɛyase n reptile, creeping animal (not snakes) (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
gbɛlɛ v to stir at
gbɛgbɛso adj heavy
gbɛ to v to turn
gbɛ ŋ keni v to turn around to look
gbɛ adv heavy
gbɛ v to give way, to make a detour (to hide oneself), to take a shortcut
gbeyɛ v to crawl; to drag
gbeya v to crawl, to drag, to creep
gbergeli adv heavy (of falling)
gberge kusoe v to punish
gberge kɔnɔ v to quarrel, to charge, to accuse
gberge v to pull, to drive, to seize, to draw, to pull out, to drag, to ebb
gbere ko adj few
gbere gbere little by little
gbeŋi kedampo v to abort, to cause abortion
gbeŋi v undo; remove; brake up, prepare the food "buru" (starch); scatter; destool
gben v 1to be tired ŋ gben I am tired (lit. I tire) 2to fail (following a verb); in vain (following a verb) n wora kumo ŋ gben -- I failed (I did it and tired) 3to be beyond one's power, to be unbearable, k gben ma it is impossible for me, I couldn't do it
gbelge v to come down, to descend, to dismount
gbelɛ v to stir at
gbelampo adj not related
gbege to v to hurt terribly
gbege abar kɔnɔ v to quarrel together