Gonja – English


gbaŋɛ be kushushombi /a n horsefly (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
gbaŋɛ be kabul n 1tail of horse (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.) 2jaundice
gbaŋɛ be ashushombi /ku- n horsefly
gbaŋɛ /agbaŋɛ n horse (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
gbaŋ n lɛ v to shake off
gbaŋ v to remove (a hoe blade)
gbanzeba /a n leather worker, shoemaker
gbalaŋgbalaŋ adv shining smooth
gbalampo n unworthy person
gbala 1n brown cloth 2adj brown, violet, purple
gbagba be kemaŋkura n self-conceit, self-adoration
gbagba unknown same, self (reflexive) loŋ gbagba the same thing ŋ gbagba I myself fo gbagba yourself ebu na gbagba that very house
gba so v to trap, to ensnare
gba loŋ likewise
gba kumu v to nod
gba adj also, too, even, self mo ale gba bee ba he is also coming
gba v to scold
gatere /agatere n axe
gariba title of honour for a chief (used in greetings)
gare /agare n saddle
garba title of honour used for chiefs
garafufulnyɔɔpo n fuller
gara /agara n tree, (leaves are used for indigo dying) (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant.)
gaŋganlari n pick axe
gan n weapon for protection (heavy metal on a stick, similar to pickaxe)