Gonja – English


leema /aleema n chief's umbrella
le /ale so, like
laware /alaware n red Patas monkey (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
lasabo n kind of k la kachɔnɔnyifu be lasabo is is a kind of yellow (not quite yellow)
larga v to be across, to be on the other bank of the river
laraso adj chosen esa laraso the chosen one
lara sarga v to bring an offering, to sacrifice
lara ŋ ŋini v to show, to reveal e lara mbe kumu ŋ ŋini - he appeared (lit. brought himself out and showed)
lara v to take from, to remove
lar to v to come out of
lar v to go out, to rise (of the sun), to leave (out of an emergency)
lapɛ /alapɛ n cat
laŋte v to circulate, to go around
laŋkparaŋ n shrub with small hard yellow fruit and brittle wood (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant.)
laŋgboŋ /alaŋgboŋ n big male monkey (of any kind) (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
laŋgba n garden bulbul (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
laŋgar n surrounding of a house
laŋɛ v to return, to turn, to (do) again
laŋ to adv at the house, at home
laŋ n house, courtyard mee pɔr laŋ ko na I am building a house laŋ gboŋ a big house
laŋ v to drum, to beat, to sound the drum
lantor /alantor n throat (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.)
lanto n courtyard, house
lantampoɛ n poisonous fish
lanchaŋ /alanchaŋ n crocodile (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)